Hi, we’ve just been made aware that the contact form is having issues for some people due to back end upgrade, in the mean time if you need to email us :- info@classicsiliconehoses (dot) com – please replace ( dot) with dot !


Tel: +44 (0) 7939 062 989 –

Please note this is a UK mobile number if ringing from abroad.

Address :-

Classic Silicone Hoses Ltd,

49 Newstead,



B79 7UU


Please note there are very important legal differences in the level of protection afforded to Consumers over and above Businesses.
Some people need hoses tomorrow, some in about 12 months ! We will do our best but the downside to offering 300+ hose sets in 5 finishes is that alot of them are rare and will be made to order, in the UK, due to the virus and lockdown we have seen an enormous increase in enquiries - as people get to wondering if they want a new set of hoses for their car....
You don't need to give your telephone number, if you are outside the UK it will be required to deliver your order.
You don't have to give your address for the quote, but we will need it to invoice you.
Country required to calculate shipping costs - thanks
Some cars are "one size fits all" often though they have single, twin or even triple - Stromberg, SU, Weber or Dell'Orto carbs, with and without heated inlet manifolds, if you know please include the information - thanks.
We can help with non standard cars, kit cars and almost anything is possible, but be prepared to have to buy the formers to make your hoses. We usually expect to make tooling and recoup the costs over a number of sales, if you have a one-off CSH will have to charge you for the tooling to make your hoses - you are welcome to talk to us and get your own tooling made, but please understand hoses require formers and these cost.
Due to the way the business initially developed, hoses were tooled up when they were requested, so some sets are only radiator hoses, or heater hoses.
Please choose the finish you prefer.