Welcome to Classic Silicone Hoses Ltd

Handmade in the UK, our silicone hose sets are available for many classic cars including  Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Austin, Austin Healey, Citroen, Daimler, Ferrari, Fiats Ford, Hillman, Honda, Humber, Jaguar, Jensen,  Lancia, Lotus, MG, Morgan, Morris, Porsche, Reliant, Rover, SAAB, Singer, Sunbeam, Triumph etc.


Some variations on our silicone hoses can also be produced for individual customers, based on those we currently produce, for example without heater takeoff – for motorsport use and with flared ends etc. 


The sets are trialled by a customer initially, and if you are interested in a set available for trial, please contact us. We can give a small reduction in the price, and if any formers need to be amended slightly, we will provide you with a new hose without cost. 


The range is currently at about three hundred sets and is constantly expanding.


We work directly with an experienced, local UK manufacturer of silicone hoses for high performance cars, ensuring we can maintain the quality of our hoses.